Call to arms

I had never seen a sleeve pattern until today. The second photo is a detail from the pattern envelope. Doesn’t that one look like a geoduck?

The late poet Mark Strand wrote that “…the throat is the sleeve of the voice.” Now you’re talking!


Gertrude Stein

Stein may have written about buttons that were tender but I need to say something else about them. Something controversial that might hurt somebody’s feelings — but here it is:

Buttons look really dumb on clothing unless they are working as a button.

You may quote me on that.

Why do people put them on things? I believe that there are too many buttons without jobs which compels people to want to give them the ‘job’ of just hanging out, usurping their chance of ever securing flaps of clothing together again.

I might as well break more controversial news here as well:

I shudder with horror when I hear the term ‘wearable art’.

Have a nice day!

SRAF Fashion Show insider

Got my ham on and gulped applause down like Martinelli’s Sparkling on a holiday. Curtsied, bowed and skipped around the stage while snapping photos of the audience.


This was my first time wearing a Spanx. When you wear one the body organs that are supposed to fill up your abdomen press into your lungs until you nearly faint. But who cares because your panty lines are gone! I did remove the Spanx between shows in order to eat a delectable tamale from the Frelard Tamales stand. You must try them! I eat tamales whenever possible because it’s not as if I’m ever going to make them.

It was fun being part of a fashion show. There’s always a first I guess. There I was in the dressing tent amongst young, sinuous as Art Nouveau, decades from Spanx folks queuing to walk out in their recycled garments. Here are some pics of the event:

She’s here!

Introducing the one and only Princess Rose.

Instagram dogs are my life, and Princess Rose plays a big part. Appearing equal parts concerned and surprised with her bugging eyes and furrowed brows, Rose — along with her brother Mr. Nelson — enjoys running on the beach and basically being a prop for such things as National Donut Day.

Here’s where fashion comes in: Above is a photo of a Rose shirt that arrived in the post today! I really did nearly cry. I love her so much even though we have never met. Call it unhealthy, loving a long distance internet creature. But what can I say.

I shall wear this tee with longing and pride.

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Latest Sandylew dresses

The first ever, ever, ever to take a risk on my clothing is the most fantastic, classy and fun Seattle boutique Sandylew. Even though my garments are all one of a kind, and even though I sized my jackets and dresses wrong and was nervous as heck they welcomed me.

Owner Sandy Lew-Hailer’s motto for her store is ‘having fun getting dressed‘. When I read that quote on her website I knew it was a shop I could approach — since Edie Everette Wear is all about fun, color and creating conversations.

Below are the latest summer dresses that I dropped off at Sandylew.

The first, entitled “Diamond Dress,” includes a textural floral ribbon appliqué in the upper left quadrant. The skirt area features a giant diamond image alongside an astronaut floating near the moon. Both the diamond and moon mimic circular daisies in the upper right quadrant creating a visual symphony of shapes.

The second dress is entitled “Maude Squad” because the back includes a tee shirt graphic of The Golden Girls television show actors. The detail of an owl on the front is from a very unusual tee shirt that I found at the Monroe, Washington Goodwill.

When you visit Sandylew — balanced perfectly between the Pike Place Market and the Seattle Art Museum on First Avenue in downtown Seattle — introduce yourselves to Sandy and her amazing staff members Corinna and Chelsea before taking some of the most unique clothing available strait to a dressing room!

I started this.

Deep in the heart of Startup Fashion’s Nicole Giordano’s live, online conversation with Factory45‘s Shannon Lohr entitled “5 Essential Steps to Launching a Successful Fashion Brand,” Shannon told me to start a blog in order to build an audience one year before I ‘launch’ my clothing line.

Here are my notes you can copy in case you skipped class and went to Gigi’s to eat fries and smoke ciggies:

Kickstarter? I’m so totally sure!