White, hol(e)y tee shirts

All I want to do is drive because Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle audio book is in my car’s CD player. The memoir of her nomadic, unconventional family is unbelievably horrifying and joyful at once. It is mesmerizing to hear and the reading of it is bringing back my Arkansas accent.

Anyway, all the kids in this memoir — both the Walls’ family and those in every crazy neighborhood they move to — wear hand me down or thrift store clothes. The tee shirts have holes and threads are unfurling.

Since I was sort of an only child — my brother and sister having moved out of the house soon after I was born — I only remember handing down a scratchy wool red and black uni-sex coat to my nephews. And I didn’t shop at thrift stores until my teens when my friends and I would find treasures such as the famous ‘Stop-n-Go’ dress that magically turned from red to green as you turned.

If you haven’t already, listen to this book. In a hol(e)y tee if possible.

Jeannette Walls, center, at the Nashville Women’s Luncheon 2017, Cumberland Heights

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