Latest Sandylew dresses

The first ever, ever, ever to take a risk on my clothing is the most fantastic, classy and fun Seattle boutique Sandylew. Even though my garments are all one of a kind, and even though I sized my jackets and dresses wrong and was nervous as heck they welcomed me.

Owner Sandy Lew-Hailer’s motto for her store is ‘having fun getting dressed‘. When I read that quote on her website I knew it was a shop I could approach — since Edie Everette Wear is all about fun, color and creating conversations.

Below are the latest summer dresses that I dropped off at Sandylew.

The first, entitled “Diamond Dress,” includes a textural floral ribbon appliqué in the upper left quadrant. The skirt area features a giant diamond image alongside an astronaut floating near the moon. Both the diamond and moon mimic circular daisies in the upper right quadrant creating a visual symphony of shapes.

The second dress is entitled “Maude Squad” because the back includes a tee shirt graphic of The Golden Girls television show actors. The detail of an owl on the front is from a very unusual tee shirt that I found at the Monroe, Washington Goodwill.

When you visit Sandylew — balanced perfectly between the Pike Place Market and the Seattle Art Museum on First Avenue in downtown Seattle — introduce yourselves to Sandy and her amazing staff members Corinna and Chelsea before taking some of the most unique clothing available strait to a dressing room!

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